The Next Step in the Portable Generator Evolution

Yamaha EF6300iSDE Portable Inverter Generator

Product name: Yamaha EF6300iSDE 6,300W Portable Inverter Generator Brand: Yamaha

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Yamaha, once limited to recreational generators, has now launched this largest, most advanced, and powerful inverter generator for home use. The all-new EF6300iSDE quietly cranks out up to 6300 watts with dual voltage level, and the ‘eco’ mode definitely pays off well for its high upfront cost. More so, it is Carb complaint. Well, we all know that Yamaha was green when green wasn’t cool.

People are impressed with the single touch electric start, its fuel efficiency, and the remote control feature makes it unique to its competitors. In a very short period, this generator has earned very high review ratings.

But before you buy you should read about the features, benefits and hear some real-life user feedback (including complaints) to ensure you make the right choice before buying this generator.


1. Quiet

If you can afford it, it’s smooth, it’s quiet, and it’s pleasant to use. It only sounds like a husky sewing machine, unlike the mainstream competitors, with their droning noise. So now if you take a walk, you won’t hear it even from the next block, and could actually have a conversation in normal voices just 5 feet away.

2. Portable

Let me say up front that this generator is heavy, not surprising as it produces a hefty 6300watt. It comes with a wheel kit, so it is easy to roll. One wheel has a lock to stop it from rolling, when needed. The Twin Bar aids in lifting, and makes the transportation fairly easy but it would have been nice to have swiveling wheels to turn it.

3. Fuel Efficient

Did I mention the “ECO” mode? If you are hesitant to pay a little extra, then give its clever fuel-efficient design another consideration as the eco mode slows down the engine speed to match the minimal load. The versatile ‘dual voltage’ feature makes the generator more economical. Moreover, the fuel gauge doesn’t require you to open the cap to look inside with a flashlight.

4. Electric Start

Starting that generator with the pull cord could be quite a chore.  With Yamaha EF6300iSDE’s single touch electric start – an effortless starting – even your wife will not need to pull the cord hard enough anymore.

5. Thoughtful Design

This specially engineered, modern design generator employs an automotive low oil shutoff feature that automatically protects the engine from low oil damage. The Hour Meter automatically tracks the maintenance, giving a further peace of mind.

6. Wireless Remote Control

In addition, Yamaha has been kind enough to include the Wireless Remote Control, facilitating to start and stop the generator from up to 66 feet away. You should not have to, in my opinion, trouble yourself in walking to the generator anyways when you have just spent about $3700 for your generator.


The Yamaha is on sale, so if you have some savings and don’t want to feel powerless during the next outage, it’s an ideal time to pull your trigger. Yamaha EF6300iSDE doesn’t restrict to the recreational usage but is powerful enough to provide back up to homes; power lights, a pellet stove (for heat), a microwave oven, computers, fans, refrigerator, coffee maker. It is quieter, has an electric start, a remote control, and of course reliable too.

I would suggest taking a good look at this model and keeping tabs on the price tag of this generator; Amazon do tend to drop a few dollars now and then.

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