The WEN 3,000 Running Watts Portable Generator Offers You Extreme Value For The Money

WEN 56352 Portable Generator

Product Name: WEN 56352 3,000 Watt 196cc 6.5 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit

Brand: WEN

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If you are after an affordable portable generator for around your home or even for those odd camping trips then this generator is a perfect fit for you.

It is one of the most popular generators on the market, and rightly so, it has a 5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon off of 23 extremely happy customers. But before you buy you should read about the features, benefits and hear some real-life user feedback (including complaints) to ensure you make the right choice before buying this generator.


1. Great Fuel Efficiency

For only about $300 you are getting features usually only packed into $500 or $600 generators. For instance: this generator has 11 hours run-time (at half load) and you only have to put 4 gallons of gasoline in to get that. That’s a lot of power for a lot of hours. Rest easy knowing that during the next blackout you won’t feel powerless.

2. Innovative Power Panel

The outlet configuration is (2) 120V (1) 120/240V, 30 Amp twist lock and (1) 12V DC. This is a great outlet setup for everyday use and also with the DC you can charge up some batteries while at the campsite or use it for whatever else you have that requires DC.

3. Long Engine Life

To prevent engine degradation this WEN portable generator comes with low oil automatic shutdown. This will help to prevent failure in your engine bearings from lack of oil lubrication.

4. Thoughtful Design

In order for the 2 year warranty you get with this WEN to stay valid, you will need to ensure you follow the user manual maintenance plan. To help keep track this generator comes with an hour meter. I would recommend you keep track in a notebook of what hour you last did maintenance so that you have proof in-case some issues arise over the warranty.

5. Maintenance Tools Incl.

In addition, WEN has been kind enough to include with this generator some tools for maintenance. You get a spark plug wrench and flathead screwdriver just in case you don’t own these. You shouldn’t have to, in my opinion, go and buy these sorts of tools anyways when you have just spent about $300 for your generator.

6. Very Portable

This WEN portable generator weighs in at 111 lbs – light enough for two people to carry – but still, you’ll notice in the image above that it comes with a wheel kits anyways. No one wants lower back pain, right?

User Feedback

I sourced these real user comments from Amazon. These people did not send me these reviews in any way. For the sake of transparency I just wanted you to know that. You can view all the reviews for this generator on Amazon at the link just below. I just thought I could save you some time by placing some snippets here.

“…the priority was my fridge/freezer. But this thing did a great job. It wasn’t as loud as I expected to be honest. I was highly pleased with the gas usage, it ran all night and I still had between 1/4 and 1/2 tank the next morning when I checked it…”

Actual user comment from Jeff at this generator’s reviews section on Amazon

“…This is a very good design and so far the generator has never failed to start on the first pull. I am very pleased with it. I have an associate degree in electronics and have a good deal of experience in this area.”

Actual user comment from wisconsin-knight at this generator’s reviews section on Amazon

“…My only disappointment was that I had selected this one over others because of the 12voltDC receptacle which I had a use for but I find that it puts out about 16.8 volts! The 12volt instrument to be plugged in to that is delicate and expensive so I contacted the generators customer service (who were very polite and helpful)and was told that is typical and not defective. So I had to invest in another device to step down from the 110voltAC to 12voltDC to run that instrument…”

Actual user comment from starstruck (Iowa USA) at this generator’s reviews section on Amazon

See all the reviews for the WEN generator on Amazon here…


All in all this best seller is a very cool addition to your home power equipment closet. It would be hard for you to find another generator that has such exceptional feedback from real customers for such an affordable price.

I suggest you take a deeper look at the shipping details from the link below because quite often you can get FREE Super Save Shipping for 5 – 8 day delivery to your front door.

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