Best RV Generator

Who Else Wants Their RV Air Conditioning or Heating, TV, Microwave and Hot Water Heater Working No Matter How Far You Drive From Civilization?

My friend, no worries. With an RV generator you can enjoy all the amenities of your RV no matter how far you drive from civilization. Don’t be left feeling powerless next time you decide to drive to Alaska. Get an RV generator and keep yourself, your food and your shower warm while enjoying the great outdoors.

RV generators work at all altitudes, come with a standard bolt down pattern, allow access for maintenance and include all the required accessories like exhaust system and adaptor kits to ensure you do not have to modify your RV to make it fit.

Buying Advice:

  1. If you have a diesel RV get either a diesel or propane generator.
  2. If you have a gasoline RV get either a gasoline or propane generator.
  3. Propane can be stored indefinitely whereas gasoline has a shelf life of about 6 months and diesel 14 months. If you go on long and isolated trips, you’ll probably want the propane powered RV generator.

Top Diesel Powered RV Generator

Generac QuietPac 5851 QP85D 8,500W Diesel Powered RV Generator

Generac 5851 RV Generator

Is your RV a diesel?

Not always, but in most cases, you will want your RV generator fuel type to match your RV – especially when forgetting about the propane/NG option and talking only about diesel and gasoline. So, if you own a diesel RV the best diesel RV generator is the Generac QuietPac 8,500W.

It is specifically designed for Class A motorhomes with single or dual roof A/C. It sports low rpm speed control to maximize fuel economy by preventing/eliminating speed changes.

As I said this RV generator is purpose built and, as such, it has the industry standard blueprint and bolt pattern (as well as standards compliant inlet and exhaust outlet location and wire location) so that you will not have to modify your RV (or trailer) to accommodate your new genset.

The engine in this bad-boy is a Generac ISM 3 cylinder 1131cc diesel engine that has a fuel consumption (at 1/2 load) of 0.49 gallons per hour.

On the electricity producing side of things this generator comes with a rated voltage of 120V but can be configured to operate 240V. At 120V it has a rated maximum continuous load current of 70.8 Amps (35.4 Amps at 240V) to ensure your RV stays cool, the coffee stays warm, the TV continues to entertain you and whatever else you decide gets the power it needs. It is a pretty wicked unit and also comes with a 12 Vdc starter.

The enclosure is Rhino-coated for corrosion protection from the environment, it features one side access for ease of maintenance and includes an enclosed critical grade muffler to keep things quiet.


Top Gasoline Powered RV Generator

Generac QuietPac 5856 QP65G 6,500W Gas Powered RV Generator

Generac RV 5856 Gas Powered RV Generato

Does your RV take gasoline?

Coming in as the best gas powered RV generator is the very quiet and fuel efficient 6,500W Generac. You will not be disappointed with the ability of this RV generator to power your Class A or C motorhome with 1 or 2 A/C units, 5th wheel, horse trailer or whatever it is you plan on installing this marvel of technology in…

…It has a fuel efficiency of 0.65 gallons per hour (at 1/2 load) and includes a critical grade muffler to keep life on the road as relaxed and free of engine noise as possible.

Rest easy knowing that this gas powered RV generator is powered by Generac’s OHVI purpose built for generators engine that will last 3-4 times longer than competitors and is easier to maintain due to its pressurized lubrication system (instead of splash lubrication) to ensure each and every critical bearing gets the oil it needs. And when you do need to take a look inside – it’s easy – with one side access you can easily get to all the places you need.

The unit includes one-touch start and the ability for configuration to work for 240V (27 Amps) – so that option is good to see.


Top Propane Powered RV Generator

Cummins Onan RV QG5500 5,500W Propane Powered RV Generator

Cummins Onan RV Generator Propane

When you are asleep in your cool and comfortable RV (thanks to the A/C cranking away) you definitely do not want to be abruptly woken up by your generator. And that is why the Cummins Onan you are looking at – quietest in class – is the best one for your propane RV generator needs.

With 5,500 Watts of utility grade power in your RV you can power most everything (including sensitive electronics) and specifically 2x 15,000 BTU A/C units with some left over.



1. Looked up what RHINO coating means. It is a product that is sprayed to the exterior and acts as a corrosion resistant layer. It is often used with high wear vehicle surfaces and construction equipment.

2. The Cummins brand website was used to look up further details about the operation of their RV generators.