Quiet Generator

Who Else Wants Their Generator So Silent You Forget it’s Even on When You’re Right Next to it?

The quietest portable generators are ones called inverter generators. They are the newer technology of generator. You can spot them quite easily because they are smaller and come inside nice looking cases…

…The advantages of them are: they are quieter, they provide cleaner electricity with less distortion, they are more fuel efficient, they are lighter weight and they are more compact. All this adds up to the perfect generator for camping, tailgating and general recreation activities like boating, ATV’ing and hunting.

What is the difference between an inverter generator and a conventional generator? 

The inverter generator is more efficient, lighter and quieter for a variety of reasons that I will explain below, but namely, because (1) it creates multiphase AC power that is converted to DC and then back to high quality AC with a microprocessor controlled inverter and (2) it uses magnets to create its electricity instead of heavy copper coils.

Why is an inverter generator lighter?

Mostly because an inverter generator’s electricity generating portion uses rotating magnets in the rotor to induce a current flow in the stator windings instead of copper coils in the rotor and stator like a conventional generator. This large amount of copper is heavy and bulky, and so, this is a reason why a conventional generator is bigger and heavier.

Another reason is because inverter generator manufacturers can integrate components of the engine and generator (because of the inverter technology). As an example, the Honda inverter generators combine the alternator with the engine flywheel to reduce weight and size.

Why is an inverter generator more efficient?

A conventional generator must always be running at 3600 rpm to generate 60 hertz electricity. An inverter generator, because it converts multiphase AC to DC and then inverts the DC back to AC it does not always have to be running at any specific rpm. For this reason, its onboard microprocessor can adjust the engine speed to match demand.

An added benefit of using magnets in the rotor instead of copper coils is that when the engine in the inverter generator starts to spin the rotor, its magnetic field is already at full strength, and inducing the full current flow. This is much more efficient than with copper in the rotor because its current flow is related to its speed. So for your conventional generator to reach full voltage it needs to first reach full speed.

Why does an inverter generator have better fuel efficiency? 

An inverter generator’s engine can adjust its rpm’s to match the load. This is done via its onboard computer, and so, as you could guess, an engine going at 1800 rpm vs 3600 rpm is going to use less fuel. Also, because an inverter generator is more efficient at producing its electrical current it can have a smaller engine. So the combination of a smaller engine and an engine that can adjust its speed equals a much more fuel efficient engine.

How does an inverter generator produce utility supply quality power output?

Because it uses a microprocessor controlled inverter

…In an inverter generator the multiphase AC flows from the stator via wires to a rectifying bridge diode that converts that 3 phase AC into DC (direct current). This DC is then connected to 2 things: (1) your DC power outlets used for things like battery charging and (2) to an inverter that inverts that DC into the clean, smooth, very low distortion electricity used to power your appliances, tools and even sensitive electronics. The inverter does this and a conventional generator doesn’t take advantage.

Want to see the best inverter generators now?


Top 5 Quietest Portable Generators


Award Winner

1) Yamaha 2,000W Inverter Generator (Go to 5:19 in video to hear noise level)

Coming in as the quietest portable inverter generator is the Yamaha 2,000W. You well and truly will not even know when this puppy is switched on…

…In addition to the 2,000W, Yamaha also offers you other sizes of inverter generators that are all just as quiet. So, if 2,000W won’t satisfy your power needs you can get either the 6,300W, 4,500W, 3,000W, or 2,800W models.

I think the 2,000W offers you the most value for the money because it is super light and compact at 44 pounds and the size of a briefcase, it only drinks through a can of soda worth of gas each hour at half load and because it gives you pure sine wave electricity for sensitive electronics like laptops and laser printers. O, and I almost forgot, it is also backed by a 2-year warranty. Well, come to think of it, the warranty is probably useless since it is one of the most reliable and durable generators on the market. Nonetheless, a great thing to see.

And if you’re still not convinced of how good this inverter generator is, maybe you should go and take a look at the reviews (from the link below) because this generator has a very high star rating off many customer reviewers on Amazon. People just love this one and so will you.


Most Ergonomic Handle Design

2) Briggs & Stratton 2,000W Inverter Generator (Go to 1:48 to hear eco mode noise level)

Coming in as the second best quiet generator is the Briggs & Stratton 2,000W inverter generator. Especially awesome about this generator is the fact that the heart of this machine – the engine – is designed and built by the world’s most revered air-cooled internal combustion engine makers, namely, Briggs & Stratton

…You will be awe struck by how easy the little maintenance you have to do is and you can rest easy knowing that Briggs backs their products with a 3 year warranty. They have spent over 100 years perfecting their engine designs and know good-and-well how dependable they are.

This inverter generator, like most on this list, have computer controls to adjust their engine speeds to increase fuel economy and engine life and decrease noise levels. The outlets included for you to plug your gear straight in is (2) 120V 20 Amp AC outlets and (1) 12V DC outlet.

This little gem tips the scales at only 50 pounds and yet, comes with a nifty handle design that allows you to easily transport it with 1 or 2 hands. After many customer reviews, it is still standing strong with a respectable  approval rating.


Most Sturdy

3) Champion 2,000W Inverter Generator (Go to :32 to hear it)

I have a lot of experience working with Champion brand generators and can tell you they are the preferred brand in the mining industry. Their inverter generator is a cool box shape that allows you to easily stack another one on top to double the juice.

This genset is perfect for camping, boating, to take with you off-roading, great for cabins, tailgating and sporting events. It is extremely environmentally friendly and approved for use anywhere and everywhere in the United States. Thank you Champion for going the extra mile to get EPA and CARB approval.

It is easily transportable at only 48 pounds and the noise level is so low you will most likely forget it is on.


Most Trusted Generator Brandname

4) Generac 2,000W Inverter Generator (Go to :59 to hear it in eco mode)

Coming in as the fourth best quiet generator is one that has features usually reserved for more expensive generators but only costs a fraction. It has 2.2 kW of surge power and can power your sensitive electronics without you having to worry about electrical distortion that cause damage…

…It does this with a state-of-the-art microprocessor programmed to provide pure sine wave electricity (like utility supply) that things like your laptop, laser printer and variable speed control tools require.

Generac is probably the most trusted portable power brand out there. They have been providing people like you and me affordable and reliable generators for over 50 years. They know their stuff. You can be confident that you will not be disappointed with this awesome inverter generator.


Highest Power Rating on This List of Quiet Generators

5) ETQ 2,500W Inverter Generator (Go to 2:26 to hear it at start-up)

Coming in as the number 5 top quiet generator is the ETQ 2,200 running watts portable inverter generator. Use it to power your campsite, some appliances inside your RV or use it to liven up your tailgate party.

With an engine slightly more powerful than the other inverter generators featured on this list (4.6 HP) you can be rest assured that your electrical needs will be met.

It has a noise level of 60 dBA at 23 ft which means that when you stand 23 ft away from the generator (where it will be anyways at your campsite or tailgate party) it will be as loud as an air conditioner when your standing right next to the air conditioner. This may seem loud, but, you can easily have conversation right next to your air conditioner can’t you?



1. GreenPowerScience has a great youtube page, and I used this video to brush up on the inner workings of inverter generators.

2. Rectifying bridge diode wiki page was consulted to confirm inverter generator setup.