Professional Generator

If You’re a Contractor That Works on Construction Sites and You Rely on Your Generator to Help You Earn a Living, You’ll Want One Designed Specifically for Your Needs

  • Are you interested in a generator with a large fuel tank to minimize downtime?
  • Are you interested in a generator with easy maintenance?
  • Are you interested in a generator with a durable and rugged construction to cope with the demands of a construction site?
  • Do you need a generator that can be easily hoisted to any elevation by crane?
  • Do you need to leave your generator overnight on site and require a generator that can easily be secured?

My friend, I understand your needs. Every day for the last 6.5 years I have worked on construction sites that are probably just like yours. Heaps of different people moving around without a care in the world for your expensive gear and tools. Probably a dusty environment with enough floating around that by the end of the day your generator has a fine layer atop…

…We need a generator that is specific to our needs. One that is different than a general home use generator because we rely on it every-single-day. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money. But in this case, buying a professional generator, as oppose to a general use one is probably worth the extra cash.

A professional generator is designed with covered outlets, a more rugged cradle/cage, a better more long-lasting high performance engine with better components, pure sine wave electricity for variable speed tools and other sensitive electronics, impact resistant construction and a lifting eye wouldn’t hurt either.

If this sounds like the generator of your dreams, then you read on to find out the best one’s on the market. Not all of them have everything of the above, but the above is what I used as my ranking criteria. So the number 1 best is the best because it has everything.

Top 5 Professional Generators


1) Generac XP6500E 6,500 Running Watts Professional Generator

Generac XP6500E Professional Use Portable Generator

When Generac, one of the most trusted and well respected generator manufacturers, set out to create a generator for contractors who use their generator all-day-every-day on job sites they didn’t just get their engineers to modify a generator they already had on the assembly line…

…What they did was they consulted with the actual contractors (like you) who would be using the generator and then created a brand-new series of generator (XP series) from the ground up.

Tops on the list of required features was a large fuel tank to minimize downtime. Generac responded with a 9 gallon fuel tank capable of running for 11 hours at half load. Now with this version, the XP6500E, that’s 3250W for 11 hours. So we can put a check in that box.

Next, Generac beefed up their OHVI (overhead industrial) engine to 410cc and made sure that all components were professional grade. So to ensure easy maintenance this bad-ass engine has the best automotive grade oil filter to keep that dirt out and prolong engine life. In addition, the OHVI uses pressurized lubrication instead of splash like most other generators on the market. This is crucial because it ensures every bearing gets the oil it needs prolonging maintenance intervals considerably.


2) Generac XP8000E 8,000 Running Watts Professional Generator

Generac XP8000E Professional Generator

Coming in as the number 2 best professional generator is the 8,000 running Watt version XP series Generac. The reason I ranked this one 2 is because I have a hunch you’re only going to be powering your own tools, and so, you probably only need the 6.5 kWs of power that the above version offers…

…However, given that many of you have tradesmen working underneath you that need power, the 8 kW may be a better fit. Like all XP series Generac it has covered outlets to protect against dust and ingress of any contaminant floating around the job site. Of note, as well, is the fact that this generator offers you utility style power with pure, clean and smooth electricity perfect for your power tools with variable speed control.

The lifting eye on this generator is perfect for not only lifting the genset to elevation by crane but also for easily securing it overnight on the job site. It is attached to the generator’s 1.25″ hardened steel tube cradle to ensure no issues arise both in securing it and lifting it.


3) Generac XP10000E 10,000W Professional Generator

Generac XP10000E Professional Generator

For those contractors out there that require a lot of juice while performing your magic, the 10 kW version is your best bet. I really like how thoughtful Generac has been in designing these PRO version generators…

…Notice how the handles are integrated into the steel tube frame instead of simply bolted on via brackets? That is, obviously, to increase the strength to ensure a long life even on the most rugged of job sites. You can really see how much input Generac got from contractors like you while designing this generator.

On the electrical side of things: you have a selector switch to toggle 120V and 240V – whichever you require, whenever you require it. You get an electric start and recoil backup. The outlets you get are (4) 120V, 20 Amp  (1) 120/240V, 30 Amp twist lock and (1) 120V, 30 Amp twist lock.

An additional benefit of the XP Generac’s with the OHVI engine is low-oil pressure protection instead of just oil level protection. This adds a level of protection against overheating oil (oil loses its viscosity and doesn’t propely “stick” to the bearings to provide lubrication when it overheats).


4) Briggs & Stratton PRO Series 30337 8,000 Running Watts

Briggs and Stratton Pro Series Generator 30337

Although I have ranked Generac generators 1, 2 and 3 for this list of best professional generators, Briggs & Stratton offers a professional series of generator that should not be overlooked…

…This one, the big boy, is powered by their Vanguard V-Twin 480cc OHV engine. Capable of outputting 8,000 running Watts, this generator will surely provide you the power, reliability and performance you need on the job site.

With its large 7 gallon tank, you will get 7 hours of run-time at half load. That means you’ll get a full days work in on 1 tank or less.

Unique to the Briggs & Stratton PRO is a PowerSurge alternator designed for coping with high power on start-up power tools that you are probably using throughout the day. So that is a feature that should definitely spark your interest.


5) Yamaha EF6600DE 6,000 Running Watts Professional Generator

Yamaha EF6600DE Professional Generator

Yamaha‘s offering to professionals is their 6,000 running Watts very quiet workhorse – the EF6600DE. It was designed for the job site and especially for extended heavy-use…

…It has a cast iron cylinder lining to improve heat dissipation. This is ideal for continuous use, and also, successful at extending the engine life well beyond a normal engine.

To be honest: I believe it is a little known fact that Yamaha even makes generators and for this reason many people are reluctant to purchase one thinking they are newbies to the game. This would be a mistake…

…They may have started as a piano manufacturer but they have been designing motorcycles for over 60 years and when you think about it – a generator engine is really similar to a motorcycle’s. They have the experience and knowledge to pump out efficient game-changing generators and with this one – they have!


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