Best Generators For Home Emergency

Who Else Hates Feeling Powerless – At Their Own Home – When The Electricity Goes Out?

My friend, If you’re sick and tired of being left without electricity for hours or days at-a-time because the utility company is slack or because you live in Hurricane or Tornado Alley, you’re in the right place. Why?

Because here you will discover the best portable emergency generators for keeping the juice flowing in your home even when all your neighbors are left in the dark – cold and hungry. With an emergency generator around your home, you’ll be able to live off-the-grid for days at a time like some super spy or something.

Why are these the best portable emergency generators?

When I say *portable* emergency generator I mean one that is not going to be bolted to the ground or plumbed in to your underground gas line. One that is truly portable in nature and when the power goes back on you’ll easily be able to wheel it back to the shed until the next emergency.

To be perfectly honest: an emergency generator isn’t all that much different than a generator for home use. Like the home use ones these should be easy to use, reliable and affordable.

Why get a portable emergency generator VS standby generator?

Many people choose to buy a standby generator with a transfer switch for home backup power instead of a portable emergency generator. The standby and transfer switch allows you to hook it all up to your home (electric circuit and underground natural gas line) so that when the power goes out you do nothing except wonder why the lights just flickered (the transfer switch senses loss of electricity from supply and switches on standby).

A portable emergency is not usually hooked up to your home electric circuit (even though you can buy a specific transfer switch for a portable generator) and so when the power goes out you’ll need to go and start your generator and then get your extension cords out to plug in your appliances to your genset…

…If you want to be able to leave your appliances plugged in to the wall socket when being powered by the generator, you’ll need to get a transfer switch that allows the generator electricity to feed your home circuit.

Portable Emergency Generator Pros

  • Less than 1/2 the price of a standby when you figure in install costs.
  • More versatile because can also be used for general home use, for camping and recreation and on the job site.

Portable Emergency Cons

  • Have to manually start.
  • Have to manually refill fuel.
  • Louder.
  • Usually not able to provide sufficient juice for an entire house.

Which Size – Medium, Large or X-Large?

To start, all you have to do is decide which size of emergency generator you want and go to that section below to see the best 3.

Medium (Under 5.5 Running kWs)


1) Generac GP5500 6,875 Starting Watts Gas Powered Generator

Generac GP5500 Gas Powered Portable Generator

The Generac GP5500 is the newer, 500 Watts more powerful version of the GP5000. So, for the same price, why would you not get an extra 500 Watts?

You get the best-in-class power-to-weight ratio, a 7.2 gallon fuel tank that allows 10 hours of run-time at half load, covered outlets to protect against ingress of dust contaminant and an impressive 389 cc Generac overhead valve engine with splash lubrication.

Being very easy to use, very reliable and very affordable this generator is a true-blue emergency generator capable of powering your fridge, sump pumps, TV and lights in an emergency situation. Think about the damage caused if you leave your sump pumps off in a storm or your fridge loses power and ALL your food goes off. It’s not worth the hassle, grab yourself the best medium size emergency generator.


2) Generac GP3250 3,750 Starting Watts Gas Powered Generator

Generac GP3250 Portable Home Generator

Coming in as the second best medium size portable emergency generator is the little bro of the above – the GP3250. It can provide you with 3,250 running kWs which is enough for your fridge, sump pump and a few lights during the emergency.

You won’t be disappointed with the fuel efficiency of this generator either. It can provide power for almost 10 hours (at 1/2 load) off of only 3.5 gallons of fuel.

This generator offers you quite exceptional value for the money. So if you’re sick of being left powerless at your own home, take a closer look at the link below:


3) ETQ 3,500 Starting Watts Propane Powered Portable Generator

ETQ PG30P11 Propane Portable Generator

This is the most popular propane powered portable generator on the market. It will run off the same propane tank you probably already use for your barbecue or outdoor heating lamp. And off one of those normal size tanks (20 pounds) it can run for an incredible 13 hours.

A propane generator is perfect for an emergency because:

  • Can store propane fuel indefinitely inside the tanks. During an emergency like a Tornado, you may find that all the gas stations are closed and so gasoline is out of the question. Since most military/emergency vehicles use diesel, diesel is probably more available than gasoline. However, propane, stored inside pressurized tanks can be stored forever, and so, you can keep a safe stockpile in your home.
  • Propane is clean burning. If you decide on a propane powered portable emergency generator you’ll be contributing to the environment because unlike diesel and gasoline, propane is clean burning. So, good onya for keeping our planet green!

ETQ has decided to equip this generator with an oversize muffler to push the sound levels down and keep your ears healthy. They have also decided to design a special alternator that produces utility quality power for powering your sensitive electronics with microcomputers. So next blackout, you can continue playing around on your computer without a worry in the world about it being at risk.

Large (From 5.5 kW to 9 Running kWs)


1) Briggs & Stratton 10,000 Starting Watts Gas Powered Portable Generator

Briggs and Stratton 30471 Portable Generator

For an American-built machine, you’re usually going to pay a premium over the Chinese-built ones – cheaper manufacturing and all…

…But when it comes to world-class American-built portable emergency generators Briggs & Stratton has made it possible for us to enjoy premium American quality without the premium price. Their 8,000 running Watts and 10,000 starting/surge Watts generator with wheel kit, (4) 120V AC outlets and (1) 120V 30 Amp outlet, a 7 gallon fuel tank for 8 hours run-time (at 1/2 load) and 1 of the most impressive air-cooled internal combustion engine’s ever placed in a portable generator is premium American quality… But, when you’re getting this much power it’s a bargain price!

So if you want all that and low oil shutoff protection, covered outlets, large wheels, fuel gauge, electric start and the most dependable engine on the market, you’ll probably want to take a closer look at this Briggs & Stratton.


2) Generac XG7000E 8,750 Starting Watts ‘Premium’ Portable Generator

Generac XG7000E Pro Portable Generator

You’re looking at 1 of the most durable “premium” workhorse portable generators (on the market today) by Generac – the first company to offer affordable generators for residential use.

The “XG” series is meant for more heavy-use than the “GP” lineup. So if you’re in an area with frequent and prolonged power outages the XG Generac is a smart option.

The difference between XG and GP?

Well, the main difference is in the engine. The XG’s engine is better. It is specifically designed for generators and boasts a service interval twice as long as other generators – even the GP Generacs.

The XG’s OHVI (overhead valve industrial) engine is better than the GP’s OHV (no ‘I’ for industrial) because it has the following characteristics:

  • OHVI has a pressurized lubrication system instead of splash. This ensures greater reliability that the oil will get to ALL the bearings and parts that require its alleviation from friction.
  • OHVI has oil pressure sensors instead of just level sensor. This ensures that the engine is protected from every-and-all possible oil problems – viscosity, temperature and level.
  • OHVI has automotive quality components (filters) to ensure the engine’s life is long and healthy. This means all dirt and carbon solids are kept out and your engine is kept clean.

Since this generator is designed for heavy-use, you can rest easy knowing that it has a massive 9 gallon fuel tank with up to 12 hours run-time (at 1/2 load). That means that when the power goes out at home, you’ll have the power you need to stay comfortable until the power comes back on.


3) Generac GP7500E 9,375 Starting Watts Portable Generator

Generac 5943 GP7500E Portable Generator

Coming in as the third ranked large portable generator for an emergency at home is the most affordable 1 of the 3. Along with 9,375 starting Watts of power, you get 7,500 running Watts to ensure all your necessary emergency gear has power. You wouldn’t want your basement to flood because you couldn’t get the sump pump enough power, would you?

This GP is perfect for those that require a good amount of juice in an emergency but also want to use their generator around the home, camping and possibly even at the holiday house. It is equipped with an 8 gallon fuel tank for 11 hours of lasting power (at 1/2 load) and with an hour meter to ensure you follow proper maintenance intervals.

It is a very popular generator on the market today. At present, on, 21 people have averaged out to rate this genset 70% awesome. Go and have a read of the reviews from the link below… “Saved me from Irene,” (Ivan Dubois NJ US)…

X-Large (More Than 9 Running kWs)


X-X-Large – Generac GP17500E 992 cc Gas Powered Portable Generator

Generac 5735 GP17500E Portable Generator

This is the largest gas powered portable generator available. It has 17,500 running Watts and could easily power all of your essential home needs including air con, fridges and sump pumps…

…If propane/natural gas isn’t available in your area and you thus can not get a standby generator to automatically be plumbed in to that line, you’ll want the biggest gas powered portable generator to ensure even the largest of home emergencies is accounted for.

This beast has a 16 gallon gas tank (take a look at the size of it in the image, haha, the gas tank takes up almost half the height of the 3 feet 4 inch high genset) to provide you power for 10 hours at 1/2 load. If you need a very large portable generator for a home emergency then this one is the best bet.


X-Large – Generac GP15000E 15,000 Running Watts Gas Powered Portable Generator

Generac GP15000E Portable Generator

So by this point on the list you’re probably thinking, “another Generac generator, Jamey?”

The answer is: Yes…

…Generac has been making affordable residential and commercial/standby generators longer than any other company. They have the experience and they capitalize on it by creating affordable, attractive, easy to use and reliable portable generators. People flock to them for good reason. They are cheap and they last. Simple, really.

I don’t know what else to say other than get this one is you need 15 kW.


1. Power Equipment Direct’s emergency portable generators guide was used for features reference.