Best Camping Generator

Who Else Wants to Have Some Home Comforts While Enjoying the Great Outdoors?

If you are someone who enjoys packing up some things in the back of your car and heading to the great outdoors to enjoy some fresh air for a day, a day and a night or a few nights, you’ll want a generator to keep you comfortable.

With a camping generator you will be able to enjoy some of the perks of electrical appliances while in nature. If you are going on a trip for a few nights think about how much better your time would be if you could be warmer at night, have a lighted campsite at night, have a hot cup of coffee and hot meal each morning, have the ability to jumpstart your car in very isolated places and more…

Camping generators share some common characteristics:

  • Quieter than other generators to ensure your fellow campers are not disturbed.
  • More fuel efficient than other generators to ensure your camping stay can be long, warm and chock full of heated snacks.
  • More portable than most generators to ensure bringing your genset along is pain-free.

In addition to the above 3, I believe a propane generator is a good camping option. I know from my experience most campers already bring along a propane tank. And so, if you have a 20 lb bottle you could use it for any of your propane camping gear as well as use it for electricity when need be. For this reason, I have included several propane generator options below.

The list of the best camping generators below are grouped by size:  Small (<= 2 kW), Medium (2 kW < x <= 4 kW) and Large (> 4 kW) to make finding the correct one for you a cinch.

Jump to the Size of Camping Generator You Want

Since most of you already know which general size of generator you want to bring along with you camping you can jump to that size now:


Top Small Camping Generator (<= 2 kW)


1) Yamaha EF2000iS 2 kW Gas Powered Inverter Generator

Yamaha EF2000iS Camping Generator

Coming in as the best small size camping generator is the 2 kW gas powered inverter generator by Yamaha. Time and time-again this generator tops my lists of top generators…

…It is the quietest generator, the best for camping, the most fuel efficient generator, the most environmentally friendly, the most portable, an exceptional generator to have around the home.

At 44 lbs and about the size of a briefcase there is no place this generator can not come with you. It drinks through only a can of soda worth of gasoline per hour (at half load) and can supply clean electricity ideal for sensitive electronics for up to 11 hours.


2) Champion 2 kW Gas Powered Inverter Generator

Champion Power Equipment 73536i Portable Inverter Generator

Champion’s generator offerring to you in this category is the 2 kW box-shape gas powered inverter generator. Other than what it looks like the Champion is a similiar generator to the above Yamaha inverter.

It is quiet. Once you are in eco mode you will not even remember this generator is on. You can easily have a conversation at normal voice level 5 feet from it.

It is lightweight. At only 48 pounds you will be able to move it around the campsite or into and out of the car for transport.

It is upgradeable. The reason for its box-shape is so that you can stack another one on top of it, attach some extra cables, and you have double your power output.

This generator is ideal for those who want a more affordable option than the above Yamaha.


3) Generac 0.8 kW Gas Powered Inverter Generator

Generac 5791 iX800 Portable Inverter Generator

You will not be disappointed with the Generac 800 running Watts this inverter generator provides you with. Coming in for really affordable, this is the most affordable small size camping generator. But it is small…

…With 800 Watts you could power any of the following at one time with some juice left over: an electric heater blanket, a small fan, a small microwave, a small fridge, a radio, a TV, many lights and some other small camping appliances. So, if that is all you need, you’re looking at a great generator for your needs.

Some other features are that it offers you clean electricity so you can rest easy powering your sensitive electronics. It has a smart throttle that adjusts engine speed to keep this genset quiet and fuel efficient. It has a 0.5 gallon fuel tank to offer you about 4 hours of run-time at half load. And, it only weights 29 pounds.

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Top Medium Camping Generator (2 kW < x <= 4 kW)


1) Yamaha EF3000iSEB 3 kW Gas Powered Inverter Generator

Yamaha EF3000iSE Inverter Generator

Coming in as the best medium size camping generator is another inverter generator by Yamaha. All inverter generators are more fuel efficient, quieter and more compact and portable than their conventional counterparts… I feel the Yamaha line of inverter generators are the most complete and best performing…

…This generator’s enclosure uses a special noise block sound reduction system to make it so quiet you can have it on next to you and still have a conversation.

So if your main buying criteria is low noise level and great fuel efficiency (it has 20.5 hours run-time at 1/4 load) you’ll want to take a closer look at this genset.


2) Generac 3.75 kW Propane Powered Generator

Generac 6000 LP3250 Propane Generator

A propane powered generator is a great choice for a camping generator because the fuel tanks are easy to transport, the propane can be stored indefinitely and you most likely already have propane powered cooking appliances with you already.

This Generac offers 3,250 running Watts and 3,750 surge Watts so you can easily start up a space heater and more while camping. The propane powered Generac is thoughtfully designed for you. It has a fuel tank holder built in to its design so you can easily move the genset around with 1 hand.

So if you already own some propane powered camping gear, you should take a close look at the propane powered generator by Generac.


3) ETQ 3.5 kW Propane Powered Generator

ETQ PG30P11 Propane Portable Generator

Coming in as the third ranked medium size camping generator is 1 of the most popular portable generators on the market, the ETQ 3,500W propane powered one. It has a high rating on and the customers love how much value for the money this generator offers them…

…The only complaint that echoes through those reviews is the lack of a wheel kit on this 106 pound generator. However, most see this as an oversight and rave about this generators “lower-than-expected” noise level.

One thing this generator offers you that the number 2 pick Generac does not is clean electricity for sensitive electronics with microprocessors like laptops and laser printers. So if you want to power sensitive electronics and want a propane powered camping generator, go this one.

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Top Large Camping Generator (> 4 kW)


Introducing! The Most Powerful Inverter Generator

1) Yamaha EF6300iSDE 6.3 kW Gas Powered Inverter Generator

Yamaha EF6300iSDE Portable Inverter Generator

If you are after a lot of power for your camping trips, tailgate party’s, outdoor events and other recreational activities, you’ll want the nearly silent 5,500 running Watts portable inverter generator by Yamaha.

Aside from being nearly silent this generator also has the ability to run any appliance or tool 120V or 240V and has a power meter and hour meter to keep track of real-time power usage, your last maintenance and also your total running time for each session.

Yamaha has gone above and beyond normal emission control standards and included a Tier III CARB Compliancy Certificate with this generator which means you can use it absolutely anywhere in the US including National Parks areas.


2) Sportsman 7 kW Propane Powered Generator

Sportsman 7kW Propane Powered Generator

Coming in as the second best large generator for camping is the propane powered Sportsman with a run-time of 8 hours (at 1/2 load) off a 20 pound (barbecue size) propane tank.

The downside of this generator is its noise level: it is comparable in noise to your garbage disposal. So if you are after quietness then you’ll want to go the Yamaha above.

However, if you are after a great propane generator for your cabin or really don’t care about the noise, this is a great option for you by Sportsman.


3) All Power America 6 kW Propane Powered Generator

All Power America 6 kW Propane Generator

You can pick up the 6,000 surge Watt propane generator by All Power America. It offers you exceptional value for the money.

With only a BBQ size propane tank (20-lb) you can get 11 hours of continuous (1/2 load) electricity. This is ideal for long days lounging around your camping fridge (that is being powered by this generator) waiting for your next icy cold drink. It will also have enough juice left so that when the night rolls in you can continue on powering your lights, radio and possibly warming up an electric blanket to ensure a comfortable sleep.

It has an outlet for all your needs: (2) 120V AC, (1) 120V twist lock, (1) 120V/240V twist lock and (1) 12V DC outlet. So if you’re looking for a reliable large sized propane powered camping generator then this is a great option for you.

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1. The brand pages on this website were used to ensure the correct picks and rankings for camping generator were made. The comparison page was also used to look at all the options in 1 place easily.

2. I took a look at what Camping World had to say were the best camping generators. Although I didn’t agree.