A Powerful Home-Use Generator That is Highly Rated (4/5 Stars By 50 Users)

Honeywell HW7500E 9375 Watt Portable GeneratorProduct name: Honeywell HW7500E OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator with Electric Start

Brand: Honeywell

Brand Website: www.honeywellgenerators.com

Product Page: Click here


The unit is ideal for someone who wants to drive a large load. The HW7500E is high quality powerful unit that is durable, portable and easy to use. It comes with a lot of features and accessories that will ensure a pleasant experience.

The unit is very portable with its high-leverage handle and never-flat wheels. It comes with multiple power outlets and a 20” 4-in-1 power cord. It also comes with hassle free electric start (battery included) and is equipped with electronics friendly Sure-Power Alternator. The unit also has an oversized muffler for quiet operation to really give you a more pleasant experience.

Listed below are some of the features, benefits and real-life user feedback (including negative feedback) to ensure you can make the right choice before buying this generator.


1. Powerful, Portable and Quiet

This is one of the biggest generators Honeywell makes for residential use and surely packs a lot of power. It is designed for power output of 7500 watts for regular use but the HW7500E will have no problem covering you for up to 9375 watts of peak demand. All this power comes from the 420cc ‘Big-Bore’ Honeywell engine. Despite its large size the unit is relatively quiet due to its carefully engineered muffler for quiet operation.

Despite its size it has been designed to be a portable unit. It comes with a high leverage handle for easy mobility and comes with never-flat wheels to nudge the unit around with ease.

2. Hassle Free Electric Start

The unit comes equipped with battery for hassle free electric start from a simple push of a button thanks to the Smart Start technology. The 12-V battery can be recharged or simply swapped for another one. The unit also comes with a pull start cord for when you feel more manly!

3. Easy to Use Color-Coded Controls

The unit has simplified color coded power control center for ease of use. It also comes with handle kit and simple easy to follow instructions on how to set it up, operate, shut-down, and maintain.

4. Multiple Outlets

The unit has four 15/20Amp 120Volt AC outlets and a single L14-30Amp 120/240Volt AC outlet. It also comes with 20” 4-in-1 power cord which users really liked.

5. Convenience and Peace of Mind

The units comes with a 3-year warranty, this conveys the trust Honeywell has put in this machine. The unit comes with your first liter of oil and funnel to pour it, so it is ready to go out of the box.

It also has a Sure-Power Alternator for voltage-regulated power so you can be confident all your electronics will stay safe.


This model is slightly more expensive than some its competitors but like most things you get what you pay for. This model is for reliable heavy duty use and will gobble most things you throw at it. This is something you can install once and not worry about it breaking down. All you have to do is top it up with gas and carry routine maintenance.

The sheer number of positive reviews for this product should tell something about its success. Keep looking on Amazon and you are sure to get a good deal, plus they ship it right next to your door.

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