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Honeywell 2000-6066 Portable Inverter GeneratorProduct name: Honeywell HW2000i 125cc Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator (CARB Compliant)

Brand: Honeywell

Brand Website: http://www.honeywellgenerators.com

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The Honeywell HW2000i is 125cc 4-Stroke Gas Powered Generator and delivers 2000 watt of power output. Thanks to inverter technology, the unit is very portable and light for its size. This blend of higher power output in a light portable package is the HW2000i’s unique selling point. It is ideal for people who want to a have portable power house on the go. It is ideal for those camping trips, tailgate parties or simply when you are outdoor having a kick about.

Decent power output, quiet operating mode, smart electronic controls and protection, light weight design and portability are some of the features that make the HW2000i give good value for your money.

Listed below are some of the features, benefits and real-life user feedback (including negative feedback) to ensure you can make the right choice before buying this generator.


1. Inverter Technology

As opposed to conventional generator design, inverted technology makes use of clever power electronics to create AC output. Why does it matter? Inverter technology has advantage of creating a lightweight and portable product. It makes the unit run efficiently so that you get max hours from your gas. It is also responsible for quiet operation of the unit due to minimum movable parts.

2. Eco-Mode

The HW2000i has an intelligent eco-mode that automatically adjusts the output of in response to the demand. The result is great fuel savings since it ensures you don’t use the unit unnecessarily. It also ensures that when the unit is not being used or is lightly loaded, the noise levels remain low a well.

3. Smart Electronics

The generator has smart brains that control some of its operating aspects. The unit has automatic low oil shutdown to prevent it from damaging itself. It also has automatic electronic overload protection for secure operation.

4. CARB Compliant

This model also happens to be CARB Compliant. This means it fulfills the strict air quality standards of California Air Resource Board. This gives you the confidence that you are making an environmentally sustainable decision as it is efficient and runs cleaner.

5. Charge DC batteries

There is also another feature that some users will really love. It can be used to charge DC batteries and the unit comes shipped with charging cables!

User Feedback

Users really love the quiet operation of the unit and really praise its fuel economy thanks to the intelligent Eco-Mode. Given its output capacity, the portability and weight of the unit has also been very well received. Some novice users also praised the easy to use instructions that come with the product.

General complaints were with the pull start cord mechanism not starting the generator immediately and requiring extra pulls and primes. Overall, the Honeywell HW2000i generator gathered 3 out of 5 stars from the online retailer Amazon based on 98 reviews (at time of writing).

Reviews below have been picked from online retailer Amazon and they can be verified with the links provided. I have gathered some reviews, both positive and negative, for the sake of being fair and unbiased.

Review 1 (positive 5 out of 5)

“…I bought this generator to power a household window a/c for my truck when I am stopped. I also plan on using it for my engine block heater (1500 watts) in the winter. So far this generator has been great! I have a 5000 btu window a/c, and even on the hottest days the generator runs for 10 hours on a full tank! I was absolutely amazed that this little generator would run that long on 1.5 gallons!”

An actual user comment from “HunterDT” at this generator’s reviews section on Amazon

Review 2 (positive 4 out of 5)

“The HW2000i generator produces plenty of power using very minimal gas. I’ve used it for the past two weeks camping to power two pieces of medical equipment while in the woods. I’ve been very happy however. The efficiency mode is amazing, taking what at first is a pretty loud generator to something that is very quiet…”

An actual user comment from “Matthew J. Meyer” at this generator’s reviews section on Amazon

Review 3 (negative 2 out of 5)

“…After filling with oil and fuel I attempted to start it. Very hard. I primed it 20 times, set the choke halfway, and pulled the starter cord 10 times – nothing. Primed another 10 times and pulled 10 times – nothing. I worked my way up to 60 primes and 6 pulls before it started…”

Actual user comment from “Sierracamper” at this generator’s reviews section on Amazon

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A lot of users compared it with competitor products in the same category including the generator by Honda, and most agree that the Honeywell HW2000i provides better value for money. Compared with what top dollar can buy, this unit does a very good job of providing reliable 2000 watts in a fuel efficient, lightweight and portable package.

I suggest you keep looking at online retailers like Amazon and Ebay. Amazon likes to drop a few dollars every now and then so keep checking. Sometimes Ebay has good auctions so keep bidding, who knows it may be your lucky day!

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