The Generac 9,375 Surge Watts Portable Generator Offers You Medium Power For Minimum Price

Generac 5943 GP7500E Portable Generator

Product Name: Generac 5943 GP7500E 9,375 Watt Generator with Electric Start Portable Generator

Brand: Generac


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This generator is equipped with an electric start feature that can turn your generator on first try. It also has a robust design with an impressive power output and can easily be moved around with its reliable never-flat wheels.

People who own this generator love the fact that it is dependable, and can run for long hours (11 hours at half load) without a refuel. It is highly rated, because people have complained about the Generac customer service – not about the generator itself.

Before you buy you should read about the features, benefits and hear some real-life user feedback (including complaints) to ensure you make the right choice before buying this generator.


1. Electric Start (instead of recoil start)

The Generac GP7500E comes with an impressive built-in electric start feature. Now you will not have to struggle with the recoil rope to get your generator up. In fact, you are only a press of a button away to get your machine running. Generac also gives away a free starter battery with your purchase of this model. As a back up (In case the battery dies), the generator is still equipped with a traditional recoil rope to give you a full peace of mind.

2. Easy to Move

Generators with this size and power capacity are never known for their portability. But the GP7500E is armored with heavy duty and high tech, never-flat wheels. You can drag it through the most rugged of terrains on your camping trip and the wheels will never let you down. It also has fold-down, locking handle that allows robust portability and compact storage. And to add to the flavor, it only weighs 190lb, which two people can easily carry!

3. Large Fuel Tank

This model has a massive fuel tank with capacity to carry 8 gallons of fuel. This would give you the liberty to have long running times with small refueling windows. The fuel tank is also built of steel, which gives it extra durability and protection against leakages.

4. Engine Protection

The GP7500E comes with Generac’s state of the art OHV engine with the low oil shutdown feature. The generator would automatically shutdown in case of low oil and thus would prevent any potential damage to itself or the appliances that are connected to it. It also features the ‘hour meter’ ability, which assists you in tracking maintenance intervals for your machine – Now you don’t have to check on it every now and then!

5. Solid Build

This model also has hardened 1.25 inches steel tube cradle, which adds to its already robust durability and strength. Apart from this, the covered outlets also protect the generator from harsh environmental conditions, thus enhancing its life considerably.

6. Low Noise Levels

People try to avoid portable generators because of the amount of noise decibels they create. Nobody likes to wake their neighbors up during the middle of the night. So, to add the issue, Generac has embedded a low tone muffler to this generator that reduces the decibel level considerably. You and your neighbors can now have a good night sleep!


Overall, a great package that offers good value for money. Apart from minor criticism, owners of this generator are really pleased to have spent their money on it. You will not get a generator that is not only robust, but is also mobile given its power capacity.

So, if you’re looking for one for yourself, get this one before the next outage hits!

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