Definitely One of the Best Value for the Money Portable Generators Out There

ETQ TG32P12 Portable GeneratorProduct name:

ETQ TG32P12 3250 Running Watts

Brand: ETQ

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This ETQ SinePower Technology is a joy to have in a generator. The smooth voltage output ensures that your devices and gadgets are not damaged. Now they are safer than ever before!

People are really impressed with the reliability of this machine, especially at this price. It is rated 4/5 on Amazon.

But before you buy you should read about the features, benefits and hear some real-life user feedback (including complaints) to ensure you make the right choice before buying this generator.


1. ETQ SinePower Technology

The ETQ TG32P12 generator features the impressive SinePower technology, which ensures minimum fluctuation (a maximum of 5% harmonic distortion). You would be able to run your high-end electronics without any fear of getting them damaged!

2. Oversized Muffler

The oversized muffler embedded into this design considerably reduces the noise levels. The decibels from this generator would be much lower than some of its competitors on the market. A good night sleep for you and no complaints from the neighbors!

3. Low Oil Protection

This machine is incorporated with a self protection mechanism. If the oil levels are running low, the generator will automatically shut down to avoid any damage to itself or any appliances that are connected to it.

4. Efficient Fuel Consumption

This generator is also known for its efficiency. Its 4-gallon fuel tank runs the generator continuously for up to 13 hours at half load. A fuel gauge is also installed on the machine, which shows when it needs refueling. Now you do not have to keep checking on the fuel tank every now and then. A great feature to have!

5. Solid Build

This model is made of heavy-duty rolled tube steel. This rugged material adds to its already robust durability and strength. It would be protected from harsh environmental conditions, thus enhancing its life considerably.

6. Portability

Weighing less than 65lbs, it can be carried by a single person quite easily. Nevertheless, it also comes with a wheel kit, which assists even further to move it around. An ideal partner for your camping trips!

User Feedback

I sourced these real user comments from Amazon. These people did not send me these reviews in any way. For the sake of transparency I just wanted you to know that. You can view all the reviews for this generator on Amazon at the link just below. I just thought I could save you some time by placing some snippets here.

Review 1 (positive 5 out of 5)

“I am a Power Quality Technician for the local power company and I have much experience with electric power. This is one fine generator. I was worried the voltage would be all over the place. I placed a 2400 watt load using a Mega Beast on this and it varied by 1 volt! Nominal 120 volts. I was very happy.”

Actual user comment from “Tommy Thomas” at this generator’s reviews section on Amazon

Review 2 (positive 4 out of 5)

“…It ran flawlessly, powering my 50″ plasma TV, DVD player, receiver, refrigerator, and window A/C, plus countless cell phone chargers, several lights and other items. The generator ran continuously and quietly without any problems…The generator was also extremely fuel efficient burning about 6 gallons a day running all of the above items…”

Actual user comment from “Colin T. Cassells “CC” ” at this generator’s reviews section on Amazon

Review 3 (negative 2 out of 5)

“…The generator on both units did not function correctly, it was running at 40Hz instead of 60Hz and the voltage regulation was horrible, dropping to 104V with a 1600 Watt A/C unit running, this about 1/2 the rated load of 3250 W. After the 2nd unit I gave up and asked for a refund…”

Actual user comment from “Grey Pete” at this generator’s reviews section on Amazon

See all the reviews for this ETQ generator on Amazon here…


A high power output generator at a nominal price range. It is also fairly light, which makes it really popular amongst people who have bought it on Amazon.

I would suggest taking a good look at this model and not delaying your decision. This model is often out of stock, so get yours before the next outage hits!

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