The DuroStar 3,300 Running Watts Portable Generator Is An Affordable Option For Your Camping, Home Back-Up Power and Weekend Outdoor Event Electrical Needs

DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator

Product Name: DuroStar DS4000S 4,000 Starting / Surge Watt 7.0 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator

Brand: DuroPower

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If you’re after an affordable, compact, lightweight and decently quiet portable generator for around the home, vacation home or to take with into the outdoors this is a great choice.

People just love the amount of value for the money DuroPower has packed in to this workhouse. They love how easy it is to setup out-of-the-box (read: add oil & gas and pull recoil starter), how quickly it arrived at their house after order… And for all this, the DuroStar DS4000S has been awarded with an outstanding 4.5 / 5 star rating on

But wait, make sure to read the features, benefits and real-life user feedback (including complaints) to ensure you make the right choice before buying this generator.


1. Easy Setup

Because this genset does not include an electric start (turn a key and it starts) you do not have to mess around hooking the battery up when your geny arrives. All you have to do is add oil & gas and pull the recoil start. Literally, that’s it. And, on top of that, it will probably start on the first pull. No yanking on it 10 times injuring your arm or shoulder.

2. Awesome Power-to-Price Ratio

You’re getting 3,300 running Watts (4,000 surge Watts) for about $260 (price fluctuates on Amazon). This would be somewhere close to the highest power-to-price ratio of any portable generator on the market. Enough said.

3. Easy to Read Fuel Gauge

You’re probably thinking that an easy to read fuel gauge is not a benefit – it is a necessity, right? Well, it should be but many generators I see either don’t have a fuel gauge (just terrible!) or have it in some hard to read spot. But not this one. The fuel gauge is where every portable generator’s should be – next to where you refill the gas. As a side note: the run-time on the DuroStar DS4000S is 8 hours operating at 1/2 load (4 gallon gas tank).

4. About As Quiet As An Old Dishwasher. Quieter Than Your Vacuum

Typically conventional generators (what this is) are very loud. Sometimes as loud or louder than your lawnmower. Given no-one actually goes out looking for a loud generator, Duro has fitted this one with a super quiet muffler and isolated the motor mounts. Combine these two features and you have a 69 dBA sound rating – equivalent to a dishwasher, quieter than a vacuum cleaner. You can have a conversation next to your dishwasher, can’t you?

5. Optional Wheel Kit

If you want a wheel kit you have the option. All you’ll have to do is install the wheel axle, wheels and handle yourself. This is an easy task and only requires some nuts and bolts. Duro will include directions and shortly thereafter you’ll be wheeling this approx. 100 pound genset to where its needed.

User Feedback 

I sourced these real user comments from Amazon. These people did not send me these reviews in any way. For the sake of transparency I just wanted you to know that. You can view all the reviews for this generator on Amazon at the link just below. I just thought I could save you some time by placing some snippets here.

“We have used over the last 3 days to power fridge, 2 fans, charge mobile phones and laptops and run a few lights. We are getting approx a run time of just over 13 hours on one tank (4 gallon) of gas.

Last night even hooked up the tv and cable so our son could watch some tv. Nick, Nick, Nick, Nickeloden. 🙂

This morning it powered the coffee maker and iron so we could be awake and wrinkle free.

I really did not expect the generator to run as long as it did on one tank so very happy with the purchase.

Next thing to purchase is something to cover it in case of heavy rain. Setup a tarp over table with bungee cords last night but would like something quicker to setup.

If we continue to have the power outage problem here in Oak Park we may look into the natural gas generator that hooks into electric system and fails over automatically. As always we will try to get it from Amazon our favorite store.

We give the DuroStar DS4000S 4,000 Watt 7.0 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator 2 thumbs up and/or a 5 star rating. Bang for buck we are very happy with this purchase.”

Actual user comment from Dennis Podgorski (Chicago (Center of the World)) at this generator’s reviews section on Amazon

Easy to Operate
Relatively Quiet (compared to a 22″ lawn mower)
Easy to read fuel gauge

Recommended oil change interval of 20 hours (change the oil every other time you fill the gas tank?)
Oil drain obscured by frame below (as oil drains it runs along the frame and makes a mess)
No watt or amp meter (Has volt meter, but why?)
Earth grounding post and hardware (nuts and washers) are too small
Packaging is inadequate for UPS Ground Shipping (operating panel was dented on arrival).”

Actual user comment from H. Zelizer (Wading River, NY US) at this generator’s reviews section on Amazon

See all the reviews for the DuroStar generator on Amazon here…


So what do you think? I like it. I like that it has positive feedback (and minor criticism) from real people who own the thing. I mean, these people liked this generator so much that they took the time to come back to Amazon and write a review and rate it highly. No-one does that unless they are ecstatic with their purchase.

Without a doubt in my mind the reason this generator is so popular is because of its power-to-price ratio. We love a good deal don’t we!

Anyways, I suggest you take a deeper look at the shipping details from the link below because quite often you can get FREE Super Save Shipping for 5 – 8 day delivery to your front door.

Check it out on Amazon here…