DuroMax XP4400E 4,400 Watt 7.0 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit And Electric Start

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Introducing the Best Selling Portable Generator on the Market 

DuroMax XP4400E Portable Generator

This generator has hit a sweet spot in the portable generator market. It provides 4,400 starting Watts and 3,500 running Watts…

…Enough to power your fridge, lights and sump pump in a blackout. If you’re in the market for this much portable power – for around the home or job site – you can’t go wrong with this one.

Read my overview of the top reasons why I think this genset is top selling:

Jamey’s Overview

  •  Affordable. Cheap considering you get 3,500 running Watts, an electric starter, super-quiet muffler, voltage selector (choose 120 V or 240 V) and a solid generator brandname.
  • Good Run-Time. Off 4 gallons of gasoline you’ll get 1,750W for 8 hours. That’s easily enough to power a large fridge and lights for 8 hours. Rest easy knowing that in a black out your food won’t go off. Or, you can power your sump pump to ensure your basement doesn’t flood.
  • Quiet. Your ears hear 69 dBA coming from this genset. That is quite similar to a vacuum cleaner. I know some vacuum cleaners aren’t quiet – but for a generator producing 3.5 kW – it is very quiet. If your main buying criteria is noise level then check out the quietest generators here.

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Features and Benefits of the DuroMax XP4400E Portable Generator

duromax XP4400E portable generator

Large Fuel Tank – Duro has fitted this generator with a 4 gallon fuel tank capable of keeping the genset going (at half load) for 8 hours. With a large fuel tank you can rest easy knowing your generator will provide consistent power for an entire day without needing to be refueled. This is ideal for tradesmen who want to minimize downtime on the job site and for home owners who want piece of mind during the next black out.

Super-Quiet Muffler – The Super-Quiet muffler decreases the sound level of this genset to that of a vacuum cleaner – about 69 dBA. Even quieter would be better, but, if you place the genset a few feet away from your work or play you’ll notice its sound fades into the distance. Your neighbours will not complain and your ears will not explode – win, win!

Electric Start – With the electric start and recoil start backup you’ll always be able to start your generator even if its freezing cold. The electric start makes switching the genset on as easy as starting your car. But, with this convenience comes the inconvenience of maintaining the charge in the starter battery. Sometimes it can be a headache always having to check it for charge… The recoil works well and is worry-free so even if something happens to your electric start you can still get the electricity you need.

Automatic Low Oil Shut Off – When you’re generator is running, you don’t want to be worried about if it will suddenly fail due to low oil. As such, Duro has fitted this with an Auto Low Oil Shut Off to ensure your generator does not continue operating with insufficient oil.

Voltage Selector – You get what is called a RV Switch and it allows you to toggle 120V and 240V or run both simultaneously. You could have your 240V tools hooked in to 1 outlet and your normal appliances hooked up to the 120V (Or, whatever your needs are). Point is, the option is there and that is really good to see.

Isolated Motor Mounts – By mounting the motor on supports isolated from the generator frame/cage the engineers have eradicated most of the structure-born vibrational noise. The 69 dBA sound level, as mentioned above, would not be possible without the combination of the isolated motor and the Super-Quiet muffler.

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Specifications for the DuroMax xp4400E Portable Generator

Model Details

Brand: Duro

Brand Website: www.DuroPower.com

Model: XP4400E (4.4 kW starting and 3.5 kW running power)


duromax XP4400E portable generator panel

Fuel Type: Gasoline

Run-Time: 8 hours at half load

Fuel Tank Size: 4 gallons

Fuel Gauge: Yes (located on top of generator fuel tank)

Watts: 4.4 kW starting and 3.5 kW running power

Alternator: Conventional (copper winding)

Frequency: 60 hertz

Sound Level: 69 dbA (same as a vacuum cleaner)

Outlets: (1) 12V DC 10A, (2) 120V AC 20 Amp standard household plug, (1) 120V AC 30 Amp twist lock (NEMA L5-30 2 Pole 3 Wire)


Brand: DuroMax

Starter: Electric and recoil option

Size: 196 cc (7 HP)

Oil Level Alarm: Yes


Dimensions: 24″ Length x 22″ Width x 24″ Height (w/ wheels and handle)

Weight: 116 Pounds

Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

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Reasons To Buy

5 Reasons to Buy the DuroMax XP4400E

1) It’s Excellent Value For The Money

When you buy this genset you buy one that is decked-out with features usually reserved for large-size professional generators. It has an electric start, large fuel tank, OHV engine, low noise levels, state-of-the-art engine protection systems and voltage regulator.

2) It Has a Large Fuel Tank To Minimize Downtime

Unless you enjoy frequent bouts of downtime to refill your geny with fuel, you’ll require 1 with a large fuel tank for its size. Thankfully, Duro has recognized this need and fitted the XP4400E with a 4 gallon tank capable of providing 1,750 W of power for more than 8 hours.

3) It’s Quiet For Its Size (Vacuum Cleaner Sound Level)

Two things contribute to the lower than average conventional generator sound level: (1) the Super-Quiet muffler and (2) the isolated motor mounting. Since a muffler just cancels out engine noise by bouncing the sound waves around in the specially designed muffler tubes, chambers etc. all the Super-Quiet 1 is is one designed specifically for the loudest sound wave frequencies produced by the generator. Add to that the isolated motor mounts, which drastically reduce structure-born vibrational noise, and you have a decently silent genset.

4) You Can Get It CARB Approved If You Want (California Residents)

If you live in California you need to get a generator that is CARB (California Air Resources Board) approved. Duro has made a version that is CARB compliant. It costs more than the other, but, if you’re a CA resident you have no choice.

5) It’s Rated 4 / 5 on Amazon.com By More Than 80 Happy Customers

People love this generator. They love how affordable it is, how much power they get, how easy it is to get 240V or 120V, how easy it is to use and setup, how easy it is to get warranty money and how brilliant it was at saving their homes from natural disaster (kept sump pumps going). So if all this sounds good you should carry on to the comparison to see what the Duro generators have to offer:

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Take a Look at the Other DuroMax Portable Generators

If 4.4 kW of starting power and 3.5 kW of running power is not correct for your needs… no worries, my friend. Duro also offers you DuroMax and DuroMax Elite portable generators in several different power categories.

All these generators are portable conventional generators powered by gasoline.

Click the top row of each column to sort from smallest to biggest or vice-versa.

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ThumbnailGeneratorPowerFuel Tank SizeRun TimeWeight
DuroMax Elite MX1500 Portable GeneratorDuroMax Elite MX1500!ERROR! unexpected comma1.0 gallons 4.5 Hrs!ERROR! undefined variable 'lbs'
DuroMax XP4400E Portable GeneratorDuroMax XP4400E!ERROR! unexpected comma4.0 gallons 8.0 Hrs!ERROR! undefined variable 'lbs'
DuroMax Elite MX4500E Portable GeneratorDuroMax Elite MX4500E!ERROR! unexpected comma4.0 gallons 8.0 Hrs!ERROR! undefined variable 'lbs'
DuroMax XP8500E Portable GeneratorDuroMax XP8500E!ERROR! unexpected comma7.0 gallons 8.0 Hrs!ERROR! undefined variable 'lbs'
DuroMax XP10000E Portable GeneratorDuroMax XP10000E!ERROR! unexpected comma8.3 gallons10 Hrs!ERROR! undefined variable 'lbs'

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