How Top Generator Will Help You Find Your Generator

My goal is to help you find your generator fast. Over the last nearly 7 years I’ve run engineering projects in the mining industry. Almost every project needs several generators once site work begins and it was-is my job to source them.

For me it wasn’t hard to decide: I need at least 30kW and it had to be diesel or petrol.

For you it’s probably an easy decision too. You just don’t know it yet…

…Do you want a portable generator or one that never moves? From there, how much power do you need and how portable do you need it? All up the best place to start is the buyer guide or best generator all star page.

About Me (or why do I have the authority to start a generator website?)

Hi–I’m a Mechanical Engineer. I started this website to help you find the best generator for your needs with exceptional speed and accuracy–even if you’ve never used one.

I have 7 years hands-on experience with a wide-range of generator styles, types and brands working in the booming mining industry. All my projects require a generator because they are either too far from mains power or haven’t been hooked up yet. As the Site Engineer it is my responsibility to purchase or rent the correct generators.

My engineering project experience has given me in-depth generator knowledge, and so, the generator reviews on this website are simple and easy to understand. My main goal is help you decide which generator is best for your needs today. Happy searching!