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Briggs and Stratton 30473 Inverter Portable GeneratorProduct name: Briggs & Stratton Elite Series 30473, 1600 Running Watts

Brand: Briggs & Stratton

Brand Website: www.briggsandstratton.com

Product Page: Click here


The 30473 model from Briggs & Stratton is extremely portable and offers a good value for money. The inverter technology is great for sensitive electronics and ensures reliable protection.

People really like how easy it is to start and the low noise levels. It offers very good value for money– and with this price tag you cannot go wrong! It is rated 3.5/5 on Amazon.

But before you buy you should read about the features, benefits and hear some real-life user feedback (including complaints) to ensure you make the right choice before buying this generator.


1. Inverter Technology

The 30473 model from Briggs & Stratton features a state of the art inverter technology which offers minimum fluctuations and consistent power output. Producing less than 3% distortion, it would safely power your laptops and gadgets. A must have technology! 

2. Highly Efficient

It also incorporated computer-controlled technology, which adjusts engine speed according to your power demands. This reduces unwanted noise and provides efficient power. It would also cut down your fuel bills!

3. Portability

Weighing less than 50lbs, this generator you can take this generator almost anywhere. The unique twin-hand design enables you to carry it even more easily. Planning a camping trip anytime soon? You should buy this before you go.

4. Self-Protection Mechanism

This machine is incorporated with a self protection mechanism. If the oil levels are running low, the generator will automatically shut down to avoid any damage to itself or any appliances that are connected to it. It would also shut down in case it is overloaded.

5. RV compatible

This is an ideal generator for your RV or boat. It has a 12 volt DC output to recharge your batteries. A versatile property for a generator this size!


If you are looking for a reliable generator, which is not only portable, but also offer a good power output, this generator is for you. An integral member of all your camping trips and it would never let you down.

Keep your tabs on the pricing on Amazon, they do offer some discounts on this product. You may even get a FREE delivery!

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