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Generac GeneratorEach of the generators below is the top Generac generator for the specified type or style.

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Top Home Standby Generac Generator

Generac Guardian Series 20kW Natural Gas Standby Generator

Generac Guardian Series 5875 Standby GeneratorIf you’re looking for a home backup power solution then you must acknowledge the fact that Generac offers you the best selection of standby generators.

This one has 20kW, which is surely enough to power everything you could need in a power outage.

Top Generac Camping Generator

Generac iX800 800W Portable Inverter Generator

Generac 5791 iX800 Portable Inverter GeneratorDo you want some home comforts while enjoying the great outdoors? If yes, you’ll want to take a generator along with you to provide electricity for your lights, heated blanket or fan and whatever cooking appliances you have that require electricity instead of propane.

This inverter generator is as quiet as your fridge and weighs next to nothing (27.5 pounds) all to make bringing it along with you easy as pie!

Top Professional Heavy-Use Generac Generator

Generac XP8000E 10kW Professional Gas Powered Generator

Generac XP8000E Professional Generator

When you rely on your generator to power the tools that help you do the work that earns your living you don’t want to cheap out and get one meant for occasional use. You want to get one that is designed with top-notch engine components. One that is designed for the job site and can endure the harshest conditions.

This is Generac’s most popular professional generator. You’ll notice it has a lifting eye, covered outlets and a freakishly tough looking exterior. All this to ensure you can “bring home the bacon” for many years to come.

Overall Top Value For The Money Gas Powered Generac Generator

Generac GP7500E 9,375W Portable Generator

Generac 5943 GP7500E Portable GeneratorYou will not be disappointed with the ability of this generator to reliably provide you power for the entire duration of the next blackout in your area.

In fact, given Generac has fitted this with an 8 gallon fuel tank you will get at least 11 hours of electricity (@ 1/2 load ~ 3750W) to ensure your basement stays dry, your food stays cool and fresh and you stay entertained during those (what used to be) frustrating power outages.

Top Propane Powered Generac Generator

Generac LP3250 3,750W Propane Powered Generator

Generac 6000 LP3250 Propane GeneratorA propane generator is a novel idea because (especially around the home and camping) most people already have propane powered barbecues. You can simply uncouple your barbecue from the tank, hook it up to the generator, and enjoy 9 hours worth of electricity (at half load) from a full 20 pound tank.

If you’re in an area with frequent power outages then this is a good option because propane can be stored indefinitely (unlike gasoline or diesel) and so you can always be ready for the next blackout.

Top 3 Generac Generators For Home Use Including Emergency

Small – Generac GP3250 3,750W Gas Powered Portable Generator

Generac GP3250 Portable Home GeneratorYou’re getting a 3,250 running Watts and 3,750 surge / starting Watts portable generator with 10 hours of run-time (at 1/2 load) off 4 gallons of gasoline. Surely this is enough to keep your home essentials running during the next outage…

…This is ideal for keeping sump pumps, fridges and lights going saving your basement from flood damage, your food from going off and you from running into walls because you couldn’t see them.

Large – Generac XG8000E 10,000W Premium Grade Portable Generator

Generac XG8000E Portable GeneratorGenerac’s occasional use generators are the “GP” series and their heaviest-duty generators are the “XP” series. This is an “XG” and it lies in the middle. Premium but not Professional (Generac’s classification not mine).

What warrant’s the title “Premium”? Well, it has Generac’s purpose built for generators OHVI (overhead valve industrial) engine with premium automotive grade components and pressurized lubrication instead of splash.

That little “I” on OHVI is telling us that the engine life is going to be 4x that of plain old OHV. It’s also an engine that will increase time between maintenance – saving you time and money in the long run. So, even if you’re hesitant to spend that little extra to get “XG” keep in mind you’re paying for quality and you’ll end up with a generator that lasts significantly longer.

Medium – Generac GP5500 6,875W Portable Generator

Generac GP5500 Gas Powered Portable GeneratorI call this one “medium” because it has 5,500 running Watts and 6,875 starting Watts, which is enough to power for almost any home power tool (hey, I mean, some people have full automotive garages at their homes).

The GP5500 offers very good power to price and for that reason is perfect for you if you want 5,500 Watts.

Top Generac RV Generator

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