ETQ Offers You “Cutting Edge Equipment That Fits Your Budget”

Eastern Tools and Equipment LogoThe phrase within quotes is straight off the ETQ website and I thought it was perfect because the main benefit of an ETQ generator is the affordable price.

Within the ETQ range of generators are ones powered by gasoline, diesel and propane. And each one seems to be a bestseller… Quite an amazing feat for a company that has only about 9 years experience in the industry (since 2003 – 2004).

Below are introductions to their best options. Click through the links to see my full reviews for each one. The reviews are what I like to call “buying cards” because they show the genset image, pricing detail, benefits and features, user feedback (including complaints) and a solid summary of how I think it will make your life better.


ETQ TG32P12 3,250 Running Watts

ETQ TG32P12 Portable GeneratorThis genset has 2 perks that will have you loving it:

(1) 13 hours run-time at half load and

(2) a sound level similar to your vacuum cleaner.

This sound level is measured 20 feet away from the generator and when you’re beside the vacuum cleaner. Quiet for a generator but if you’re after whisper quiet check out the inverter generators.

Best For Home Emergency Because Lots of Power

ETQ TG72K12 7,250 Running Watts

ETQ TG72k12 Portable GeneratorIf you’re looking for backup power at your home because you live in an area with frequent outages get this one. It has the perfect amount to keep your most essential electric appliances juiced.

This genset is 1 foot taller and weighs double compared to the above ETQ. So if you’re after small and compact this is not for you.

Best Diesel Generator

ETQ DG4LE 4,400 Running Watts

ETQ DG4LE Diesel GeneratorIf you want a diesel powered generator for longer engine life and better fuel efficiency this is ETQ’s most popular version.

It’ll give you 11 hours run-time at half load (~4 gallons diesel) and can be started manually with recoil or via the electric start.

Best Propane Generator 

ETQ PG30P11 3,000 Running Watts

ETQ PG30P11 Propane Portable GeneratorThe best reasons to buy a propane powered generator are (1) clean burning and (2) you already have other propane powered cooking or camping gear around the house.

ETQ’s propane generator sports “Clean Sine Alternator Technology” which means you can plug your sensitive electronics directly in and rest easy knowing they won’t be destroyed by poor quality AC.

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