Champion Power Equipment Generators Are Dependable, Durable And Affordable. Here Are Their Best Ones

Champion Power Equipment Logo YoChampion Power Equipment generators are the preferred brand in the mining industry (at least where I am). From experience, they’re like the Energizer Bunny and just keep on going…

…But in addition to being dependable and durable they’re very affordable. So much so that it baffles me as to how they turn a profit each quater. But they do.

Below are the best ones as determined by popularity and rating. Click through the links to see my full review for each. Each review has a large genset image, pricing detail, features and benefits, user feedback (including complaints) and an overreaching summary of what each geny is best for.


Champion Power Equipment 46539 3,500 Running Watts

Champion 46539 Portable GeneratorYou will not be disappointed with the ability of this generator to satisfy your power needs. Yup. That and it has incredible run-time because of its good fuel efficiency.

People have rated this generator high stars and this is one of the most popular portable generators on the market.

Great For Camping And Around The Home Or Cabin

Champion Power Equipment 46515 3,500 Running Watts

Champion Power Equipment 46515 Portable GeneratorOne of the most affordable portable generators on the market – this recreational Champion can provide 1,750 running Watts for 12 hours.

Like most other Champions, this one is also top-rated on

Quietest Generator

Champion Inverter Generator 72531i 1,600 Running Watts

Champion Power Equipment 73536i Portable Inverter GeneratorChampion’s inverter generator is designed to be stackable. This is indicated by its box shape…

…The reason for this is a 13,500 BTU air con unit typical to a RV needs more juice than just 1 can provide. So the solution is to have 2, stack them, connect them, and you’re sorted.

Medium Duty Gas Powered Portable Genset

Champion Power Equipment 41135 5,500 Running Watts

Champion Power Equipment 41135 Portable GeneratorChampion calls this one medium duty because it slots in perfectly between their recreational portables and their heavy duty (7,000 running Watts and above) big boys.

Light Duty, Light On Emissions, Light On Your Wallet

Champion Power Equipment 42436 1,200 Running Watts

Champion Power Equipment 42433 Portable GeneratorThis generator is CARB compliant which means you can use it (legally) in California. CARB equals California Air Resources Board and they ensure strict emission control.

I would say get this one instead of the inverter generator above if you are not fussed about noise level. It’s also a fraction of the price.

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