Here’s a listing of the most popular pages on this website. The top 15 to be exact. We’ve had just over 100,000 unique visitors and more than 550,000 page views over the 2.25 years this website has been around…

Top Generator Reviews Traffic…Hopefully, all those people weren’t wrong AND these are, in fact, the best 15 pages to find your generator fast.

  1. Best Generators Page
  2. Homepage
  3. Styles Page
  4. Types Page
  5. Brand Page
  6. Comparison Page
  7. Yamaha Inverter Genset Review
  8. Buyers Guide
  9. Champion Inverter Genset Review
  10. Duromax 10000 Watt Review
  11. Fuel Types Guide
  12. ETQ Propane Genset Review
  13. Generac Inverter Review
  14. Briggs & Stratton 8000 Watt Genset Review
  15. Reviews Index

Other Helpful Pages to Check Out

Although not as popular here are 5 of what I think are pretty honorable mentions on

  1. Quiet Generators
  2. Camping Generators
  3. Professional Generators
  4. Contact Page
  5. Yamaha Brand Hub

So there you have it. Enjoy.

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I graduated in 2007 with my Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree and since then I have worked as a Mechanical Project Engineer for a large mining company in North Western Australia. Projects are often green-fields (no existing infrastructure) and as such require a generator for power. After 4 years and many projects I have built up an expert knowledge of generators – how they work and how to choose the best one for the job.

I started this site in my spare time because generators often seem complex to new buyers… But they are quite simple. So this website’s aim is to make picking the correct generator for your project (RV, camping, emergency, home use etc) simple.

I hope that this website helps you.