All Power America APG3014 2,000 Watt 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Generator

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Introducing The Most Affordable Top Portable Generator 

All Power America APG3014 Portable Generator

This genset is perfect for camping and using around the home because it is affordable, quiet and can provide 700 running Watts of power for 9.5 hours.

If camping, that is easily enough power for lights, cooking appliances and a small fridge. If at home, you’ll be able to start up your fridge (and keep your food from going bad) during a power outage.

  • Affordable. If your home power goes out, this generator will keep that food from going bad. It pays for itself.
  • Quiet. Is your dishwasher quiet? Most dishwashers produces about 65 dBA of sound pressure. This All Power America produces the same – 65 dBA. So, if camping, put it a few feet away and you’ll easily be able to continue speaking with your friends.
  • Compact Power. This genset is only the size of a small microwave or cooler. And can provide enough power to keep you comfortable camping or keep the music going at your tailgate party. Stuff it easily into the back of your truck so you can power a stereo and small fridge at your tailgate party. Take it camping and have beautiful meals cooked on your electric appliances every morning. And power all the lights and a small heater at night.

So as you can see this generator is a good choice if you’re looking to save a lot of money. It has everything you need in a portable generator and more.


Features and Benefits of This All Power America Portable Genset

All Power America APG 3014 Portable Generator Camping

Noise Level of 65 dBA – This generator is quiet compared to other conventional generators. At 65 dBA you will be able to place it a few feet away and continue talking to the person next to you – without raising your voice.

Two AC, and 1 DC Oulet – You can plug your devices straight into the AC (like at home) or you can use the DC outlet to charge batteries, or whatever you need. Many conventional generators will not include a DC outlet, so this is good to see.

Low Oil Sensor – You wouldn’t want your genset to run without oil because it will not last long. Having the low oil sensor ensures your generator shuts itself off before any damage occurs to the engine components. So don’t worry about forgetting to top up the oil. The All Power America APG 3014 has a fail-safe.

57 Pounds – This genset is lightweight so you can take it anywhere with you with ease. 57 pounds is light enough for 1 person to carry. The handles at each side allow you to use proper manual handling techniques so that you don’t injure yourself.

9.5 Hours Run-Time – Because this genset has a 4 stroke engine it is quite fuel efficient. It can provide 700 W of electricity for 9.5 hours. That’s a small space heater for the entire night when camping.

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Specs of the All Power America APG 3014 Portable Geny

Model Details

Brand: All Power America

Brand Website:

Model: APG3014 (2 kW starting and 1.4 kW running power)

Model Page: Click here to see APG3014 page on company website


Fuel Type: Gasoline

Run-Time: 9.5 hours at half load

Fuel Tank Size: 1.3 gallons

Fuel Gauge: Yes (located on top of generator)

Watts: 2 kW starting and 1.4 kW running power

Alternator: Conventional (copper winding)

Frequency: 60 hertz

Sound Level: 65 dbA (same as a vacuum cleaner)

Outlets: (1) 12V DC 8.3A, (2) 120V AC 11.6 Amp standard household plugs


Brand: All Power America

Starter: Recoil manual start

Size: 98.5 cc (3 HP)

Oil Level Alarm: Yes (automatic shut-off)


Dimensions: 18.5″ Length x 14.5″ Width x 15.15″ Height

Weight: 57 Pounds

Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

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Reasons To Buy

5 Reasons To Buy The All Power America APG 3014 Genset

1) It’s Affordable 

It cost not very much considering it will keep your fridge food from going off in a power outage. Will keep you from going cold while camping. And will keep the music loud during your tailgate party.

Picture yourself chucking this generator in the back of your truck. Putting it next to your cooler, you realize it’s tiny. Once you arrive at the camp site (at night) you give its recoil one tug and it starts. Immediately you have 1400 Watts to chill those beers fast and power lights so that setting up your tent is easy. All this and you don’t even wake up the other campers.

2) It’s As Quiet As Your Dishwasher

You can have a conversation while beside this generator. Your ear hears 65 dBA coming from this generator. That’s about the same as your dishwasher. And although you can hear something, it is far off what would be called loud. Maybe you don’t care about the noise level, but still, it’s nice to know you’re getting one that is quiet.

3) It’s Compact – The Size of a Small Microwave

If you’re buying a portable generator, you want it to be portable – and this one is. It is only 57 pounds and the size of a small microwave or cooler. You’ll easily find room for it in your truck or car. Your sleeping bag will take up more room.

4) It Has a More Reliable 4 Stroke Engine

In other generators that are less than 2kW you see a two-stroke engine being used. Thankfully this one is not. A 4 stroke engine has some advantages over 2 stroke that I’m sure you’ll be happy about:

  • 4 stroke has dedicated lubrication system to keep the parts lasting longer
  • 4 stroke doesn’t require costly 2 stroke oil for the oil/ fuel mixture in the crankcase
  • 4 stroke has much better run-time given that 2 strokes use fuel inefficiently
  • 4 stroke is better for the environment. The 2 stroke burns oil because of the oil / fuel mixture (very smokey).  And also some of those hydrocarbons leak out the exhaust port at the end of the combustion stroke (the gleam of oil you see out of  a chain saw or boat motor).

5) It Has a Long Run-Time

You get 9.5 hours of power off 1.3 gallons of fuel while using 700 Watts. If camping, that means your small space heater will provide warmth all night. That means you’ll be well rested and can wake up nice and early for a hot coffee and then get fishing or hunting or to the beach with the wife and kids.

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